Encase.io has been born out of the need of a secure tool for sharing sensitive data. As part of remote teams, our engineers have repeatedly faced the problem of sharing confidential data with co-workers. Oftentimes, we’ve had no other choice but to use insecure channels for sharing passwords and keys. We wanted to do something about it. We built this tool not only to solve our own problem, but to make it easier for remote teams to share confidential data securely.

Encase.io is an online tool that helps you send secure messages. It is encrypted with a password that you set yourself and share with your intended recipient. The password is additionally encrypted before saving, using a safe one way algorithm, which means it can’t be discovered by anyone you don’t want to share it with.

To send an encrypted message, you just need to enter it, set your one-time password and select how long you want your message to be kept. Then, the app generates a url through which your encrypted message can be accessed. It can only be decrypted by users who have both the url and the password and it’s accessible only during the selected period. The message is permanently deleted after.